Hello there!

I took a writing class years ago, and I remember my professor discussing heavily on the impact of a good first impression. I’ve never been very good with having an articulate statement prepared, because I’m such a scatterbrain half the time, but I’ll do my best. I’m going to try to throw as much information about myself as I can to entice your interest in following my blog. Hopefully, I will also be able to interest you in joining as a contributing member.

My name is Stina, and I am a woman with many hats; a mother, a student, a (practicing) writer, traveler, cortado lover, iphonographer, people watcher. Most importantly, I am a millennial. I think it is incredible that I am part of a generation that are free thinkers. The most creative folks that I’ve come to meet has been fellow millennials. I want to use this platform as a self-reflection, as well as storytelling to help encourage more positivity and reassurance that the world is wonderful! I have started, and failed, at maintaining blogs before and I would love to say that this is different but who knows?

My hopes would be that this can grow as a spot for people to word vomit on the page, because what is most important to me is forming connections. Cheers!